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Sphoorthi Solutions started as a pure Healthcare Consulting firm in the United State of America in the year 2007, developed in stages. During the course of its growth, we have added software solutions including, but, not limited to, Web Designing & Development, Web Solutions, SEO Services, Advertizing Solutions – and now, recently we started providing hardware solutions after having acquired Lakshya Technologies. As of now, we provide Software, Hardware, and Healthcare Solutions for our clientele all under one roof. Software and Training Institute is taking its shape, to be started very soon. more...



Build standards-based websites with ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript


Power mobile apps with responsive design and mobile frameworks


Write web APIs and services that produce JSON or XML to talk to connected devices


Enable real-time bi-directional communication between client and server with web sockets


SEarch engineoptimization

At Techmagnate, we offer the most effective search engine optimization services in India and beyond. With hundreds of keywords

website designing
and development

We are consistently asked what makes our company special and unique when compared to our competition.

pay per click

Be choosy: With a PPC or pay-per-click campaign you can be choosy about who comes to your website. You will want targeted

social mediamarketing

One look through the report overview lets you quickly identify major successes, key trouble spots and the latest trends and changes in your search engine rankings and keyword positions.

Online Reputation

deals with everything about your company’s brand in the online community. This community includes the entire web – search engines, forums, blogs, news sites, social networking sites, etc…

Organic SEO Traffic

one of the best ways to measure to overall success of your SEO campaign is to look at your organic SEO traffic.

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